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Agencies are using emotional reactions to gauge ad effectiveness

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Skeptics wonder if clients will be willing to pull a multimillion-dollar campaign based on a few facial twitches. Samardzija said…

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MediaCom To Track Emotions: Integrate Into Content, Media Planning

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GroupM’s MediaCom unit has struck a deal with biometric tracking firm Realeyes that will incorporate emotional measurement of consumers into…

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Apple Adds Emotion-Reading Tech To Support Advertising

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Apple confirmed the purchase Thursday of San Diego-based Emotient for its facial-recognition software to support advertising, media testing, audience response and research…

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Snickers mines behavioral data to find ‘windows of impulsivity’

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Snickers maker Mars is mining behavioral data to pinpoint people at their weakest moments for snacking: being happy, bored or…


We’re Ruled by Our Emotions, and So Are The Ads We Watch

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Findings from a study of 100 recent ads across 25 brands in the fast-moving consumer goods industry show that ads…


Use Emotional Connections to Increase Leads and Conversions

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There are certain core tactics in marketing that are studied and used regularly. Emotional targeting is one of the staples of this…

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Engagement Matters. Emotion Sells. Data Fuels.

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Emotions drive human decision-making and action.  At this point it’s a scientifically proven fact.  Just ask Daniel Kahneman orAntonio Damasio…


Neuroscience shows mobile lag causes stress

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Using neuroscience technology, Ericsson found that delays in loading Web pages and videos caused mobile users’ heart rates to rise…